Drai’s After Hours is typically open Thursday – Sunday starting at 1:00am. Days and operations may vary. For the most current information please visit our Instagram.

a. Drai’s After Hours typically closes at 6:00am. Hours of operation may vary and are subject to change.

a. All persons, bags, and personal items are subject to search. The following items are prohibited:

  1. Drugs and smoking paraphernalia (including, but not limited to marijuana products, controlled substances, chewing tobacco, rolling papers, over the counter medication, prescription medication, vitamins, and supplements).
  2. Weapons.
  3. Eye drops and nasal spray.
  4. Gum, mints, breath strips, and outside food and drinks.
  5. Cameras, go pros, and selfie sticks.
  6. Cologne and perfumes.
  7. Larges bags (including but not limited to backpacks, totes, duffel bags, and athletic bags).

b. Marijuana products are prohibited throughout the resort and illegal inside a gaming facility.

a. All persons and bags will be searched upon entry, and security will require. identification for every guest. Guests must be at least 21 years of age and present a valid government issued photo ID at the door. Copies, paper, or photographs of IDs will not be accepted. U.S residents must bring state or federal issued ID; non-U.S. residents must bring a valid passport or global entry card.

b. Tickets and guest list will enter through the general admission line.

a. Doors open at 1:00am. Early arrival is encouraged.

a. No, you may pay for your deposit online and pay the remaining balance upon arrival. Please bring the card that was used to make the deposit along with the matching ID.

a. No, food is not available at Drai’s After Hours. Outside food and beverage is prohibited.

a. Yes, smoking is permitted at Drai’s After Hours. This does not include marijuana products as they are prohibited throughout the resort and are illegal inside a gaming facility. Hookah is available for purchase for bottle service customers.

a. Yes, vape pens are allowed in, however vape juice and cartridges are not allowed. Subject to management discretion.

a. Professional cameras are not allowed at Drai’s After Hours.

a. No, general admission is standing room only.

a. No, you must purchase tickets for each venue separately.